Case Study

Effective Postal PackagingA Case Study for Bluestonex Consulting

Customer Profile

Based in Shropshire, Bluestonex Consulting Ltd is a software and services company which brings together a new and specialised consulting design approach with skills and competencies in SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) software technology.

The company focuses on the user experience and digital transformation programmes for large to medium businesses across numerous sectors. Bluestonex builds software for managing data and creates mobile apps, providing solutions that support and enhance its customers’ business strategies and objectives.

Bluestonex use Lego Serious Play as a tool to help clients enhance innovation and business performance.

The Problem

Bluestonex was hit by the effects of COVID-19 and had to make drastic changes to their working methods, particularly in the way they held workshops and meetings with customers. They moved completely to virtual meetings but wanted to continue to use the Lego Serious Play method.

They were looking for innovative packaging to send Lego kits out to their clients so they could continue to engage with the tool while conversing virtually.

The packaging needed to be simple for users to open but also easy for them to return the Lego after use.

The Solution

Our new easy-assemble box for eRetailers, nicknamed ‘Dave’, was the perfect solution.

  • With peel & seal tape, Dave is easy to close and easy for the customer to open without damaging the packaging, so it can be reused for the return journey.
  • Dave is super-quick to assemble – considerably faster than crashlock boxes..
  • There are no gaps in the packaging, so nothing can escape in transit (even the tiny bricks), and a secure seal ensures security and protection against tampering.
  • With a flat top and bottom, Dave provides a good surface for attaching labels and for printing, enabling high quality print to reinforce the customer’s brand identity.
  • Dave folds flat after use, so it can be stored conveniently before it is needed again to return the Lego after use.
  • Dave’s economical design also means it uses less corrugated board than a comparable crashlock box, making it more environmentally-friendly and cheaper to manufacture.

The Benefits

  • We work closely with our customers to understand, identify and implement the right solution to meet their needs.
  • As the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging and specialist eCommerce packaging, we have developed a range of postal packaging designed specifically to be quick and easy to seal, open and return, if necessary.
  • We design our postal packaging to be strong enough to survive multiple touchpoints before it reaches its final destination.
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