Retailer Expertise

In-house teams to manage retailers’ own-label packaging.

Our retailer expertise helps ensure the best possible in-store results for our customers - fast!


Retailers are very specific in their packaging requirements. It can be difficult for suppliers to negotiate a path through these various demands without incurring additional cost.

We have our own staff teams based within a number of major UK retailers.

This gives us:

  • Unique knowledge of the retailer's packaging and POS requirements and how to meet them
  • First-hand experience of how to make relationships work between retailers and their suppliers

We also deliver added value through better packaging including:

  • Specific retailer packaging flow solutions aimed at reducing the impact of packaging at primary, secondary and tertiary levels
  • End-to-end packaging reduction

Recommending the right material for the job - this can make a big difference to supply chain efficiency, impact on shelf and your carbon footprint. It can also save you money. With our performance testing, we can ensure in advance of production that the materials we suggest deliver what you need.

To find out more about different board options, read our free PDF guide, Corrugated Board Made Simple.

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Plant Based Packaging

Weedon Group plant based packaging and displays

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