Structural Design

Great structural design enhances your brand.

Structural design is critical throughout the supply chain and in-store

Good structural design, with innovative engineering solutions, enhances your brand impact and can drive sales. It can also save you money throughout the supply chain.

Packaging must also be suited to the product it holds and the treatment it has to withstand. Good structural design ensures good performance and high implementation rates.

The right choice of corrugated board minimises the use of unnecessary raw materials and reduces waste, which also reduces your costs. To find out more about the different types of board suited to different jobs, read our free guide, Corrugated Board Made Simple.

This applies to packaging on-shelf and Point of Sale display, as well as e-Commerce packaging.

Our expertise

Our experienced structural design team has expertise in the numerous different aspects of packaging production necessary to produce fit for purpose packaging.

We also have an in-house testing facility so we can check that the materials we recommend will stand up to the demands they will face.Get in touch

Other services available

Packaging Reduction


We love packaging - but we know you can have too much of a good thing!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, so over-packaging is a big issue for us in two ways. It is bad for the environment, using unnecessary materials and causing excessive waste, and we are very concerned about protecting our planet. But over-packaging also costs you, our customer, too.

We can improve your profitability dramatically, at every point where packaging enters the supply chain. Our expert team of designers have innovative structural design ideas to minimise the packaging of your product - in transit, in-store or through the post.

How can we reduce your packaging?

  • By reducing the layers of packaging through clever structural engineering and using the right materials
  • By reducing the weight of board, without compromising performance
  • By right-sizing (making sure the packaging fits the product without space or void fill)

And, through a variety of tests in our in-house testing laboratory, we can guarantee that your new streamlined packaging will still meet the demands it will face.

In addition, we can undertake a full total cost of ownership audit, looking at your production processes, productivity, logistics and transportation to help you create a leaner, more cost-controlled supply chain.

Right-sizing - a win-win situation

Eliminating unnecessary packaging, extra boxes or layers - without compromising the performance or protection of your product - means you use less materials for your packaging. That means lower costs. (And fewer trees cut down!)

Because the packaged product is smaller, you will need fewer containers or lorries to transport your goods. (And you will produce less fossil fuel emissions!)

Less packaging means less waste disposal afterwards. (Which is also good for the environment.)

Remember that reducing the packaging does not have to mean sacrificing performance. In our testing laboratory, we can prove that to you - before you commit to mass production.

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Plant Based Packaging

Weedon Group plant based packaging and displays

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