Be confident that your packaging will do what it needs to do.

In our in-house testing laboratory, we check both colour consistency and structural performance.

We can undertake a range of different tests, after which we can tell our customers with scientific data whether their packaging specification is fit for purpose.

In some cases, customers may be advised to upgrade their board specifications to provide better protection; others may be given the confidence to downgrade and save money while still providing adequate strength. We have championed the concept of packaging reduction and are always keen to avoid wasting materials. This is obviously better for your profit margins, but also better for our planet and in line with our sustainability goals.

What do we test?
We can test both customers' packaging as well as raw materials. Testing can provide assurance as to the expected performance of proposed designs, or it can check the capability of existing packaging. We also test the raw sheet board we use, including the output of our own in-house corrugator, to ensure it meets required standards and specifications.

Types of test
Corrugated boxes can fail in many ways and for many reasons, but two very common failures are collapse under a heavy top-load or by rupture due to rough handling. There are several tests that can predict the performance of corrugated boxes under these conditions. The choice of tests should be customised to the specific requirements and functionalities of your packaging and the environment it will encounter.

Edge Compression Testing (ECT) – measures the ability of a box to sustain top-to-bottom load. You can use this measurement to predict the stacking strength of common box designs in different sizes.

Drop Testing – The packaging is filled with the intended products and dropped from a defined height onto its corners, edges and surfaces to simulate the conditions encountered during shipment. In addition to this vertical shock test, a horizontal test can also be performed, for example, to simulate braking processes and handling loads.

Box Compression Testing – measures the strength of the packaging, ie how much load the board can withstand before it collapses. This testing helps factor in performance during transit. Since time is a critical element and the effects of stress and strain are not always immediately obvious, boxes are also held at a predetermined load for a given period to evaluate stacking loads.

Colour consistency

Our state-of-the-art colour testing laboratory will ensure your print colour is spot on. As one of only a small number of UK packaging companies which have installed a spectrophotometer, we can eliminate human error from the process of colour-matching printed packaging.

The spectrophotometer enables us to colour-match exacting retailer brand guidelines with 100% accuracy. We can even calibrate to take into account the specific lighting conditions of different stores. Colours can also be checked on press to ensure consistency throughout the print run.

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