Bespoke e-Commerce Packaging

Minimise transportation and postage costs.

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Bespoke e-Commerce Packaging

We can design e-Commerce packaging to fit to your product to ensure it gets through the rigorous e-Commerce supply chain. We manufacture a wide range of corrugated board grades to give product protection plus powerful brand impact.

Our designs also focus on ensuring you can maximise the speed of packing your product either by yourselves or 3PL operations. We do this through innovative designs utilising our multi point gluing machinery and tape application equipment.

We can deliver printing on both inside and outside of the e-Commerce packaging, to both protect the pack in transit and deliver great consumer experience when delivered.

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Printing inside the box


The Wow! factor

External brown packaging disguises the value of the goods during transit, but you can boost online sales if your customers open their boxes to reveal top quality printing and eye-catching designs, replicating the in-store experience at the front door. And it need not cost the earth! Our Weipong six-colour flexo-printer will print both sides in one pass (four colours on one side, two on the reverse), to offer high-quality printing inside the box cost-effectively.

Alternatively, by printing digitally, we can personalise small runs of packaging for e-Commerce retailers, for example, for marketing offers or competitions. Our Hanway digital machine prints to almost litho print quality, but it does so more economically. In addition, although all cardboard packaging is recyclable, because our printer uses water-based ink, it is especially environmentally-friendly. We can also add a high gloss finish, if required.

As the UK's leading independent manufacturer of Retail Ready Packaging and Point of Sale displays, we understand how important it is to make an impact and we apply all our in-store expertise to e-Commerce packaging.

  • For gift boxes
  • For luxury items
  • To enhance the online shopping experience
  • To increase brand awareness
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    Benefits of Bespoke e-Commerce Packaging

    Effective Protection

    from rough transit conditions

    Minimises Transport Costs

    by reducing packaging sizes

    Advanced taping

    ideal for easy make-up of boxes

    100% Recycable

    our packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC™ certified

    Discover more about

    Book Wraps

    Our book wraps come in all sizes so they fit your product snugly.

    This offers effective protection, whether your package is treated roughly in transit or has to make an extended or repeated trip before successful delivery. This also minimises transportation and postage costs.

    Our book wraps are quick to assemble and easy to seal.

    We offer a range of advanced taping options for easy make-up of the box and opening by the customer.
    We can apply a range of tapes anywhere on the box:

    • Ripper-tape
    • Double-sided tape
    • 'Peel & seal'

    In The Weedon Group, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. All our book wraps are manufactured from high-strength corrugated board which is 100% recyclable and FSC™ certified.

      Recommended for:

    • Books
    • CDs and DVDs
    • Artwork and picture frames
    Book Wraps
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