Case Study

Environmentally-friendly Printing InksA Case Study for Earthinks

The Problem

  • Widespread concern about sustainability and the environmental effect of manufacturing processes such as printing.
  • Traditional ‘water-based inks’ are actually based on chemicals or polymers derived from synthetic oil, making them fossil-based and subject to oil or polymer shortages in the future.
  • Alternative ‘natural’ inks usually only contain up to 5% renewable products.

The Solution

  • Earthinks®, a new range of environmentally friendly, water-based flexographic and screen printing inks and coatings that offer up to a 100% replacement of synthetic chemicals with natural equivalents.
  • Earthinks® have been developed from sustainable and non-polluting resources including soy, starch, sugars, dextrin, tree resin, cellulose and other polysaccharides. Natural waxes are used to replace standard petroleum-based synthetics, and natural oils are used to defoam instead of mineral oils. Earthinks® are glycol and silicone-free, contain no heavy metals and have near-zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Spot the Difference?

The Benefits

  • Prices are comparable with standard inks but Earthinks® significantly reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Colour and quality are as good with Earthinks® – and in some cases better than synthetic and oil-derived inks. They have a low viscosity and low foaming levels to deliver sharp images with lower dot gain than standard inks.
  • Earthinks® offer stability over long runs due to their unique pH-independent technology.
  • In-house colour mixing is an option for special colour production on demand.
  • Ink recycling programme saves waste.
  • Earthinks® can be used on other substrates to enable brand owners to carry their environmental credentials across their entire range of packaging.

Weedon PSC – the right partner for the job

  • Weedon PSC was the UK’s first manufacturer of corrugated packaging to use predominantly natural printing inks.
  • Weedon PSC operates with a strong environmental policy.

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