Case Study

Making the Most of Online Retail PackagingA Case Study for Hux Health

Customer Profile

HUX Health are a newly established on-line business supplying HUX, a powerful supplements drink that plugs the gaps in your diet with the things you need the most: fruits, vegetables and high-dosage vitamins and minerals, all in one easy-to-drink blend.

The Problem

As their products are currently only available on-line and by subscription, the company needed to develop specialist mail order packaging.

They had a number of specific goals:

  • a box that reflected the company’s brand identity
  • packaging strong enough to withstand the rigours of transportation through the post or by courier
  • an easy-to-open experience
  • to give customers a premium ‘at home’ retail experience, which was especially important during the lockdowns of COVID-19.

The Solution

  • We designed a one-piece box that is easy to assemble with ‘peel and seal’ tape to fasten it. This minimises the labour and costs involved in packing.
  • The box also includes a ‘zipper opener’ so that customers can get into the package quickly and easily, making the whole opening experience more fun.
  • The box is made of clay-coated E flute corrugated board for a smoother finish and it is printed with environmentally friendly Earthinks® with a gloss varnish on both sides.
  • The strong colours are very striking and reflect the overall brand image for immediate recognition.
  • We used our new Hanway digital printer to achieve high quality printing quickly and economically.

Hux Health were delighted with the finished box which is proving equally popular with customers.

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