Dave Gives Weedon PSC the Edge in Secure eCommerce Packaging

Weedon PSC, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging and specialist eCommerce packaging, has developed a new easy-assemble box for eRetailers which provides greater security for online purchases. Nicknamed ‘Dave’, the box can also speed up eCommerce packaging lines.

Dave is super-quick to assemble – considerably faster than crashlock boxes – and easy to close, with peel & seal tape top and bottom. Because there are no gaps between flaps in the packaging, the box provides enhanced security during transit, with protection against tampering.

Dave has been designed with a flat top and bottom, which provides a good surface for attaching labels. This also makes the box easy to use on roller-veyors and increases stability when stacking on pallets.

Dave’s economical design also means it uses less corrugated board than a comparable crashlock box, making it cheaper to manufacture.

John Weedon, Managing Director of Weedon PSC, commented:

“With the growth in online shopping, our customers are looking for ways to simplify their packaging processes to save time and labour costs. Dave is an innovation in design which reduces packing time and produces a package which is easy to handle.

“But security is a key issue, with often expensive products passing through numerous touch-points on the way to the doorstep. Dave’s compact shape and neat design makes it very difficult to penetrate in transit.”


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