New Weipong HQPP Flexo-Printer – Weedon PSC’s largest ever investment in equipment

Weedon PSC, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of eCommerce packaging, corrugated packaging and Point of Sale (POS) displays, has acquired a new six-colour HQPP (High Quality Post Print) Weipong flexo-printer. The machine, which is the company’s largest ever equipment acquisition, has been installed at its Hednesford site in Staffordshire and is now operational.

Weedon PSC has invested in the Weipong flexo-printer, prompted by the need to increase print capacity to meet demand for packaging to support recent growth in eCommerce as well as developments towards more sustainable packaging.

The Weipong will print sheets bigger than Weedon PSC’s two existing TCY printers, enabling the production of a wider range of packaging and displays. For example, for the first time, the company will be able to offer flexo-printing on POS displays as a more cost effective option for high volume runs.

The machine will also print both sides in one pass (four colours on one side, two on the reverse), making it ideal for eCommerce packaging and Retail Ready Packaging with printing inside the box. It can also apply a coating on the inside of a box, for example for fresh produce or automotive components, offering a more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to plastic packaging.

The Weipong printer also includes an infra-red dryer to dry each colour ink between applications, so it can run high quality work at speed.

Weedon PSC had to remove walls at its factory and reposition existing equipment to install the Weipong. The machine breaks records for the company both in terms of its size and its cost – it is the largest investment in a single piece of equipment in the company’s history.

John Weedon, Managing Director of Weedon PSC, commented:

“The acquisition of a Weipong flexo-printer follows significant expansion over the last year or so and represents the largest single investment in our company’s history.

“The demand for corrugated packaging is rising, partly as a result of the growth in online shopping accelerated by the COVID pandemic. But we are also seeing an increase in customers switching to coated corrugated board as a greener alternative to plastic packaging, especially in markets such as fresh produce and automotive components.

“The packaging industry is having to make some major changes to accommodate new trends. In our case things are pretty extreme – we had to demolish part of our factory to accommodate new equipment to keep up with demand!”


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