Weedon Corrugated Products Invests in New Strapper to Increase Capacity for Corrugated Packaging

Weedon Corrugated Products, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging, has invested in a new strapper to meet increased demand, which has soared during the Coronavirus lock-down.

The new machine, a Press Master base vertical press strapping machine manufactured by Gordian Strapping, will provide stability and pack security to all outgoing pallets, compressing flat-packed boxes with up to 2000kg of force and strapping bundles of boxes at a speed of up to 60 pallets/hour.

The new machine has been installed in Weedon Corrugated Products factory in Audenshaw, Manchester, where it will be used predominantly to bundle transit cases.

The strapper is the first piece of equipment acquired as part of the Weedon Group’s new plan to expand across both its sites in response to increasing demand for eCommerce packaging, and represents significant investment to meet the changing needs of the retail market and the growth of online shopping.

John Weedon, Managing Director of Weedon Corrugated Products, commented:

“Consumers’ shopping habits were already changing pre-COVID, but the pandemic has accelerated the switch to online retail. Demand for packaging in this area has exceeded all expectations, and statistics for May 2021 show a significant year on year drop in retail sales in favour of online shopping.

“We are adapting rapidly to meet this challenge with investment in new equipment, so that, as businesses begin to work their way to recovery after the pandemic, our customers can make the most of every new opportunity.”


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