Weedon Group Introduces 100% Recyclable Wardrobe Box

The Weedon Group, the leading independent manufacturer of corrugated packaging, has launched a new environmentally-friendly wardrobe box for transporting clothes when moving house.

Its clever design means clothes hang on a reinforced hanger fitting made from solid board instead of a metal or plastic rail, so the whole box can be recycled easily at the end of its life.

The Weedon Group has developed its wardrobe box in collaboration with its strategic partner in Europe, THIMM Display, and has sole rights to market it in the UK. The wardrobe will form the centrepiece of a range of boxes and packaging which the Weedon Group is developing to simplify home-moving.

The new wardrobe is manufactured from EB corrugated board, rather than the heavier BC board from which other wardrobe boxes are usually made. Innovative cardboard engineering means the new lightweight wardrobe is structurally as strong as traditional boxes without the need to use metal and/or plastic. As a result, the Weedon Group box packs flatter and is smaller and lighter to carry but can still take up to 20kg of clothes. The box is also easy to assemble from flat-pack.

It is available as individual items or in packs of five.

Weedon Group Managing Director John Weedon comments:

“Existing wardrobe boxes usually include a metal or plastic bar from which to hang your clothes, which makes the boxes a recycling nightmare. But all the elements of our new wardrobe box are manufactured from corrugated cardboard, so the whole thing can be recycled easily after use.

“Our box also packs flatter and is lighter and easier to carry, making it much easier to manage.”


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